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    There are many car owners have this kind of concept that the more coverage they pay and the more compensation they will get once there is an unexpected accident happened. Especially for those people who are going to buy a car. As a matter of fact, it is not imperative for car owners to buy all of coverage. Buying car insurance is a kind of way to transfer and share the driving risk. Thus, there are some tips may give you some ideas on how to buy car insurance singpore.

    First of all, you should know about the types of car insurance in this country. There are three main types of car insurance. The first is comprehensive coverage. It is a common insurance plan in Singapore. This is because the scope of coverage is the broadest. Another reason is that when you want to take out a car loan, you will be required to insure this kind of coverage. The most important is that this plan covers death or injury to third parties, and the damage to passengers' property, fire, theft, and medical costs arising from the accident.

    The second is third party only. From the worlds, we can be easy to understand. It means that insurer just pay for the other people's damage you cause to them in an accident. Last but not least, is third party, fire, and theft. On the contrary, this insurance plan not only covers other's damage but also covers your own damages. Including death and injury. In addition, if your car was parked in an unsecured place which causes your car be stolen, insurer will pay for you. If someone sets fire to your car, insurer still should pay for you. As above mentioned, it is totally wrong that if you thought the more coverage you pay and you will get more compensation. How much the insurer will pay you depends on how serious the situation was. By the way, some agents go through with bundle sales in order to obtain as much as profits which cause many car owners wasting lots of money on some unnecessary coverage. Therefore, before making your final decision, you have to pick up coverage carefully. Maybe you have already covered your car, but it is still imperative for you to renew your car insurance. Hence, you can avoid the repetitive cover and pay for what you really in need. Of course, you still can ask a discount from your current car insurance company, which may give you a discount. At last, here sincerely recommend you to read the key facts and policy wording documents carefully. Otherwise, you won't know whether you are getting a right cover.Resource From:wheeled fire extinguisher

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